β-Glucosyl Yariv reagent CAS 58130-67-9


The β-glucosyl Yariv reagent is a synthetic phenyl glycoside that specifically binds to and precipitates plant arabinogalactan proteins (AGPs). This Yariv reagent can be used as histological probe to localise the sub-cellular distribution of AGPs1 and to visualise AGPs after electrophoresis.2 In addition, binding of β-glucosyl Yariv reagent can also disrupt the normal function of AGPs and provide a system to study their function.3

1.Clarke A. E., Gleeson P. A., Jermyn M. A. and Knox R. B. 1978. Characterization and localisation of β-lectins in lower and higher plants. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 5(5): 707-722.

2.Du H., Simpson R. J., Moritz R. L., Clarke A. E. and Bacic, A. 1994. Isolation of the protein backbone of an arabinogalactan-protein from the styles of Nicotiana alata and characterization of a corresponding cDNA. The Plant Cell 6(11): 1643-165.

3.Serpe M. D., Nothnagel E. A. 1994. Effects of Yariv phenylglycosides on Rosacell suspensions: Evidence for the involvement of arabinogalactan-proteins in cell proliferation. Planta 193(4): 542-550.

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