Keratan sulfate, sodium salt (from Bovine cornea) CAS 9056-36-4


KS-I, Keratan sulphate

Used in the screening and diagnosis of Morquio A syndrome (MPS IVA). Validation of an LC-MS/MS assay for detecting relevant disaccharides from keratan sulfate as a biomarker for Morquio A syndrome.1,2

Because this keratan sulfate is extracted from bovine, many countries require purchasers to obtain a permit first. This can take up to 6 weeks to obtain. We can help you with this process. Please enquire.
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Please see the following for a list of diseases absent from New Zealand when this product was manufactured click here (PDF 93.3KB).

1. L.A. Martell et. al. Bioanalysis, 3(16), 1855-1866 (2011)
2. C. Auray-Blais et. al. Bioanalysis, 8(3), 179-191 (2016)

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